**2020 Market Updates**

We appreciate your patronage this year and your support of our local farmers and vendors! We have decided to open the market to include few craft vendors each week, we will be listing our full vendor list on our website each week. Please read below for a few other updates and notices.

Dogs will be allowed at the market again, please keep them on-leash and under control and of course, please pick up after them as necessary.

You may bring your own reusable bags to the market. Vendors will not be handling them but you may use it to place your own items in.

There will continue to be one entrance and one exit for the market, they are both on the end of the market closest to the church & traffic circle. Per the board of health, we are only allowed to have a certain number of customers at any one time. Please do not enter or exit the market under the yellow caution tape. This causes our counting to be off and may mean that your fellow community members will be waiting in line unnecessarily. We would greatly appreciate if you complete your shopping as quickly as possible and then exit the market to allow other customers to enter the market. We appreciate your patience as we know there have been lines many days.

As of now, the market will be running through October, our last day is scheduled to be Sunday October 25th. Should any adjustments be made, we will post an update on our website & Facebook.


One thought on “**2020 Market Updates**

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