Make a Farmer’s Market Smoothie!


Don’t let yourself get into a rut, buying the same things every week. Try picking up some different produce this weekend and try blending it up in a smoothie, it’s a great way to start the day and get in your servings of fruits & vegetables! I bought some nectarines last week and they were incredible. Juicy, sweet & ripe.  Try blending up combinations like nectarine, almond milk, greek yogurt, ice & maple syrup or get adventurous and add vegetables like celery, kale or tomatoes.

If you have a juicer at home you can juice items like apples, beets or carrots.  Get creative and see what works! You can even make dog biscuits from the leftover vegetable pulp.

This weekend at the market…9-13-15…

Remember the market is rain or shine! We’re hoping that the thunderstorms hold off until the afternoon but we hope you’ll come out to support the vendors either way.

Vendors joining us this Sunday are…Swiss Bakers, Witch City Salsa, Alfalfa Farm Winery, Grant Farm, Clark Farm, Moran’s Pet Food, Lanni’s Orchard, Golden Cod Fish, River Rock Farm, Long Hill Orchard, All Fruit, Pour Man’s Coffee, Pickle Emporium, Rowands Fish, The Soup Guy, Next Step Living.

Crafters at the market this Sunday are…Made With Love Beaded Jewelry, Kaleidoscopesoap, Storyteller Jewelry, Iris Design Decoupage Tiles.

Civic booth this week is…The Girl Scout’s

Musician week is…Tev Stevig

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