Where are our loyal patrons?

swampscott farmers market

We want to take this time to sit down with you, our market patrons and have a heart-to-heart. Unfortunately we have noticed a dramatic decline in market customers this year and we want to get feedback from everyone as to why this may be happening.  We have a loyal group of volunteers who come out to work every week and take time out of their schedule throughout the year to grow the market and provide this service to the community so it breaks our hearts to see this.  We have had feedback in the past that we need more produce vendors so we listened and we now have 4 large farms that come and provide an abundant selection of fruits, vegetables, plants & herbs in addition to all of our other great vendors providing goodies like cold brew coffee, maple syrup, baked goods, eggs, meat, pickles, salsa, spices, snacks, fresh fish and crafts.  If the vendors don’t have the patrons to support their business and the travel to the market, we are going to lose them and along with it this vibrant market we have built.

SO, we are reaching out to you for your help.  We need you to come out and support the vendors and spread the word so that your friends and families come out as well.  In addition to supporting the market, we are looking for your feedback.  Why are you not making it to the market this year? Is there something more you’d like to see? Are we missing something? Do you just need reminders? Will signs throughout town on Sunday help bring people in?  You can either comment on this post, on facebook or email us, we’re here to listen!

We provide this service to enrich our community and support our local farms and businesses, we want it to thrive and grow but we can’t do that without your support! Thank you!!

The Swampscott Farmer’s Market Committee