2014 CSA Shares

Farmer's Market - Organic Vegetables

We’ve had a lot of inquiries about CSA shares this year so we wanted to remind everyone that two of our vendors are offering CSA Shares this year and you can still sign up!

If you are new to a CSA, it is a great way to experience the freshest local produce on a weekly basis.  It will encourage you to get creative in the kitchen stay healthy with all that local produce!

Long Hill Orchard with have CSA shares available for pick-up at the Swampscott Farmer’s Market, you can sign up by visiting their website here.

Connor’s Farm is also offering CSA shares this year but pick-up is only available at the farm, sign up here.



{Articles} Why Shop At Your Local Farmers’ Market?


Some of us are hooked on the beautiful, fresh produce, the lively, open-air atmosphere, and the opportunities to connect with farmers, vendors and friends that Swampscott Farmers’ Market. Others may need to be convinced of the benefits, asking “why shop at the farmer’s market when I can buy a greater a variety of things, often more cheaply, at my supermarket?”  There are a lot of reasons to buy locally grown food.  Here are three right up top:

One, buying at the Farmer’s Market supports local farms and families.  Farms have been vanishing from the American landscape at an alarming rate over recent decades—small, family farms in particular. The wholesale prices that farmers can get for their products are usually very low, often not more than the cost of producing them.  In the industrial farming business, small farms cannot compete, and many farmers end up selling their land for development. But when farmers can sell directly to consumers for the full retail price, cutting out the middleman, it helps families to continue to farm their land, preserving the local economy.

Two, it’s more sustainable. Food that is grown or raised and harvested close to home is transported over much shorter distances than is common in the conventional global food system.  Locally grown food actually gives us access to rarer, tastier varieties of fruits and vegetables because they haven’t been genetically selected to withstand being transported hundreds or thousands of miles and then warehoused (sometimes for weeks) before arriving at the grocery store.  Many of the farms that sell at the Swampscott Farmers’ Market have a strong commitment to sustainable methods of farming and to growing heirloom varieties of produce and livestock.  Smaller farms can also manage their crops and livestock in ways that have a lower environmental impact than can massive industrial farms, but those low impact methods are more labor intensive, which is why the Farmer’s Market can sometime be a little more expensive.

Three, the Farmer’s Market builds community.  When you buy your produce, meat and fish directly, you’re engaging in a time-honored connection.  It helps us to know more about the place we live and its seasons, and people and processes that provide what we eat.  It’s also a lot of fun.  With live music, artisanal foods and crafts, and special kid-friendly events, shopping at the Swampscott Farmers’ Market can turn a boring errand into a festive family outing.

So maybe you can’t by a papaya from Mexico or tomatoes in early June, and maybe you’ll spend a bit more for that beautiful head of lettuce (picked that very morning) than you would at the supermarket.  But you’ll know that, in a small, very pleasurable way, you’re participating in the stewardship of our local economy and landscape.

~Lilli Nye

Opening Day Events- June 9th!

June 9th is opening day for the Farmers Market and many activities have been planned. We are very excited Brick Ends Farm will be joining us for the day. They are a composting facility based in South Hamilton, Massachusetts, and will be sponsoring a “plant a seed” event as well as talking about their organic compost and the benefits of composting.

Come by and get your picture taken by local photographer, Jessica Massanari-Sapp, in our free opening day photo booth. Check out last year’s photo booth pictures here.

There will also be face painting and musicians Arnie Rosen & Andrea Rupert celebrating opening day!

Join Us For Opening Day!! (June 9th)


Farmers’ Market set to open June 9th.

Everything is green, lush, and blooming extravagantly here on the North Shore with the perfect balance of warmth, sun and rain.  That means it’s almost time for the Swampscott Farmers’ Market to launch its 2013 season. The market, which will be held again at the Swampscott High School at 200 Essex Street, officially opens on June 9 and will run every Sunday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., rain or shine, through the last Sunday in October.  


What you can expect in early June.
One of the beauties of purchasing food from the Farmer’s Market is the freshness and truly seasonal nature of the produce.  On opening day, shoppers can expect to find an array of spring vegetables harvested within 24 hours of the market and in many cases, early that morning.  Likely produce will include greens such as lettuces, spinach, chard, kale, asparagus and broccoli raab, young beets, carrots, radishes and baby potatoes, snap and snow peas, green onions, chives, garlic scapes and other herbs.  Rhubarb will be in abundance, and strawberries will be coming along soon.

But produce isn’t the only thing you’ll find at the Swampscott Farmer’s Market.  Market vendors will offer a wide range of other goods including exceptionally tasty pasture-raised meats and eggs, fresh seafood, breads and pastries, soups and chowders, fresh homemade pastas and other prepared foods, as well as a variety of crafts such as jewelry and soaps made by local artisans. Special activities for children and families are planned for opening day, including live music, face painting and “plant-a-seed” hosted by Brick Ends Farm Compost.

Shopping at the farmers market strengthens our community, supports local farms and business, and helps us to get in touch—with friends and neighbors, with the people who raise our food, and with the seasons that shape what comes from earth to table.

Stay tuned to next week’s Reporter to keep up to date on the Swampscott Farmers’ Market produce updates and activities.  The market is open rain or shine Sundays from 10:00 to 1:00 starting June 9th, at the Swampscott High School , 200 Essex Street .

CSA Available at the Market This Year!


CSA is now available at the Swampscott Farmers Market. What is a CSA? It is Community Supported Agriculture and a very popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. Here are the basics: a farmer offers a certain number of “shares” to the public. Typically the share consists of a box of vegetables, but other farm products may be included. Interested consumers purchase a share (aka a “membership” or a “subscription”) and in return receive a box (bag, basket) of seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season.

Several of our Swampscott Farmers Market farm vendors are now offering this great opportunity and to make it easy for our public you can pick up your CSA “box” right from the Swampscott Farmers Market each week on Sunday.

We currently have two farms offering CSA pickup at the Swampscott Farmers Market each Sunday and expect more to be available.

Grant Family Harvest share program which is a weekly subscription to everything they produce throughout the summer. Each week members will receive a share of the freshest vegetables, cut flowers, and eggs we are harvesting that week. Full shares feed a family of four (or two vegetarians) and includes a bunch of flowers and a full dozen of our eggs. Half shares feed a family of two or three including a bunch of flowers and a half dozen of eggs. Each week we will feature a product from a fellow local farm like fruit and other farm goodies. For more information and to sign up visit www.grantfamilyfarm.com.