{Music Spotlight} The Morrisons August 25

Credit: Eric Giribaldi

Credit: Eric Giribaldi

Consisting of vocalist Ellie Cowen and guitarist Eric Giribaldi, The Morrisons bring you back to the singer/songwriter era everyone enjoys one way or another.  Reminiscent of James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, and a certain Irishman who the group may or may not have gotten their name from.  Cowen’s lyrics and vocals hit the ear with wit, honesty, and have a humane quality to them.  Giribaldi fills in the spaces with guitar work ranging from heavy hitting folkies, to the jazzcats he so greatly adores.  What you’re left with is a great time listening to some great stories about some fascinating characters that a lot of us can relate to.  Come check them out at the Swampscott Farmers Market August 25!

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