{Music Spotlight} Opening Day June 9th

Arnie Rosen

Don’t miss Arnie Rosen & Andrea Rupert play on Opening Day!

Sylvan Lewis Group is the brain-child of Arnie Rosen as a tribute to the muse that drives the music within all of us. A gifted guitarist, composer arranger, Arnie Rosen has performed classical, jazz and original music throughout New England. He has composed and performed for the American Repertory Theater, Cambridge, MA, and many many more.

Arnie has performed several times with world famous Tibetan musician, Penpa Tsering and has arranged and performed on guitar and bass for the choral ensemble, Windsong, formed and lead by Naomi Arenberg. Arnie has worked for many years as a music therapist, including 3 years at Sancta Maria Nursing Facility in Cambridge, MA.

Check out their website.

Update: Opening day was great!  Thanks for joining us Arnie and Andrea!


5 thoughts on “{Music Spotlight} Opening Day June 9th

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