{Vendor Spotlight} Deano’s Pasta


We have so many fantastic vendors at the market this year, we decided to start doing vendor spotlights so you can learn more about them and their fantastic products.  Today, we’re featuring Deano’s Pasta!

seafood collection

Deano’s Pasta has been making local, all natural, non GMO, gourmet pastas since 1947 and is located next to Stop & Shop in Somerville (almost touching their parking lot) right off Broadway and McGrath Highway.  Their products are sold at Whole Foods in Swampscott and Lynnfield, Mckinnon’s in Danvers, Crosby’s Market and Marblehead Community Store in Marblehead, as well as the Meat Market and Winthrop Market in Winthrop. You can walk into their factory and buy pasta or find them at the Swampscott market this Sunday, August 17 and then every other Sunday!

They will be selling Raviolis, Fusilli noodles, Marinara Sauce as well as their Onesto (Honest) Cream Sauce. All items are sold fresh frozen in a full 1 lb package (16 oz.) which serves 2 to 3 people. Prices range from $4.00 to $8.00. Bring something home for dinner or keep in your freezer for future meals!


This week they will have:

• Roasted Butternut Squash and Amaretto Ravioli

• Spinach Florentine Ravioli. (Stuffed with fresh spinach, ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheese with a touch of roasted garlic)

• Three Cheese Ravioli (ricotta, parmesan and pecorino)

• Wild Mushroom Ravioli (slow roasted porcini, portobello and cremini mushrooms with a touch of ricotta)

• Garden Vegetable Ravioli (like a farmers market ravioli filled with carrots, corn, peas, sun dried tomatoes and artichokes with ricotta and mascarpone cheese)

• Homemade Fusilli Noodles

• Homemade Marinara Sauce

• Onesto (Honest) Cream Sauce

All items are in a 1 lb package, fresh frozen, all natural, NON GMO, and locally made right in Somerville!

Learn more at www.originalgourmetpasta.com

Come by the market this weekend to pick some up!

{Vendor Spotlight} New Meat Vendor


We are excited to introduce you to our new meat vendor!  Unfortunately our fantastic meat vendor John Crow Farm has run into some staffing issues for the remainder of the season so they had to bow out of the market for the rest of the year.  We know how important it is for you to have a source for local, grass fed meats so we searched high and low for a new vendor to replace them.

We were lucky enough to find Piper Ranch farm in Maine and they have agreed to join us every other week for the rest of the season!!  We hope that you’ll come out to support them and show them that its worth the trip they make down from Maine!


In case you missed them the first time, they will be at the market this weekend (September 29th).  They have an amazing selection of salami’s, beef cuts, pork, smoked meats and much more!

Come by the market this weekend to stock up on some meat for the week and of course all of the amazing fresh produce the farmers will have this weekend!


Announcing…Our Amazing 2013 Vendors!!


We are very excited to be welcoming many of our fantastic vendors from last year back to the market as well as a number of new exciting vendors!  We will be featuring vendor spotlights on the blog throughout the summer so you can learn more about each and every one of these amazing local vendors so don’t forget to check back in!

Below is a list of vendors that will be joining us for the 2013 market.  It’s possible that a few more may join us throughout the summer but we will be sure to update you as they join.  We will also have a number of talented craft vendors joining us in addition to this list, we will update you on those vendors as the summer progresses.


Clark Farm (fresh local produce and plants)

Connors Farm (fresh local produce)

Grant’s Family Farm (fresh local produce, CSA pickup available)

John Crow Farm (local grass fed meat)

Rowand’s Fish Market (fresh seafood)

Maitland Mountain Farm (produce & their famous pickles)

Alfalfa Farm Winery (wine)

The Soup Guy (all natural, gluten-free soups)

Wolf Meadow Farm (Italian artisan cheese)

Big Sky Breads (artisan breads)

Fresh Beginnings (local organic baby food)

Bar B Que Bistro (bbq)

Goodies Homemade  (old fashioned homemade cookies)

Cakes By Austin (baked goods)

McMahon’s Dressings (dip, croutons and salad dressing)

Preziosio (cannoli & coffee)

Michael Moran (all natural dog food)

Cookie Monstah (fresh cookies and ice cream sandwiches)

2013 Crafts (each making 2-3 appearances throughout the season):

Iris Designs
Glass Bead & Crystal Jewelry
Glass Necklaces
Treasure Beach
Eos Designs Studio
Salem Street Beadery
Kaleidoscope Soap
Salem Soap Works
Rapha Glass
Beverly Farms SoapWerks
Cards by Tamar
Plantas del Sol
Soda-Lime Glass Beads
Barbara Nygren Hand Knitted Scarves
BC Essentials & Eat Well Be Well
Wet Dog Collars
Super Natural Lipstick/ Beautiful Food Coaching
Angela Cook Pottery
Marvelous Clouds/ Decorative Art Boxes

Clark Farm


Clark Farm starts the summer off with broccoli, green onions, leaf lettuces, snap peas, and radishes.  As the summer continues, they supply strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes from nearby New England farms.  Their specialty heirloom tomatoes are getting ripe by July. Late summer crops include sweet corn, zucchini, squash and more.  Clark also features many unique annuals and perennials.

For more information, click here to see Clark Farm’s website.